In early 2000, Adnan Syed was found guilty of killing his ex-girlfriend, Hae, and sentenced to life in prison. However, there are many who believe that Adnan is innocent. His friend’s sister even went so far as to contact Sarah Koenig to investigate, and from there was born one of the most popular podcasts in history, Serial.

The question that drives Koenig to delve into this investigation for herself is this: is Adnan guilty or innocent? After listening to the first and last episodes, as well as doing a little bit of research into sites about Serial, I have come to my own conclusive opinion about Adnan. I think that he is neither innocent nor guilty. Allow me to explain.

On the day Hae was killed, during the time she was said to have been murdered, Asia McClain said that she saw Adnan at the library. This alibi seems pretty good, right? Except Adnan himself cannot seem to remember a thing about where he was at the time of Hae’s death and the security tapes have long since been wiped to record new surveillance. Additionally, even though Asia wrote not one, but two letters to Adnan explaining the encounter and saying that she wanted to meet with his lawyer and would even testify for him, Adnan’s attorney never contacted her. There was also no physical evidence against Adnan – no fingerprints that were out of place (of course there would have been some of his fingerprints, seeing as he and Hae had only recently broken up and were still friends), no blood on his clothing, no skin cells on Hae’s body, no nothing. The only thing that the court really used to convict Adnan was the fact that he was a normal teenager who did drugs, lied to his parents, and did some crazy stuff. Now I’m not saying he was crazy and a bad kid, he just did a few stupid things like all teenagers do. Nothing too drastic. However, the prosecutor used these things to paint Adnan as untrustworthy and just a bad person in general. That’s all they really had, and it was enough for the jury.

Besides the lack of evidence against him and Asia’s letters, Adnan has always denied killing Hae. Now, these are only a very few pieces of what has turned out to be  an elaborate puzzle, and more evidence has come up that makes Adnan look guilty, but there is also more that makes him look innocent. After listening to the information Koenig found and presented, I have come to the conclusion that Adnan is neither guilty nor innocent. I don’t think he killed Hae – he has been telling the truth about that much at least (I think anyway) – but that;s not to say he had no part in her murder. I think that maybe he helped in some way. Whether it was intentional or not is another issue, but I don’t think Adnan is entirely innocent of her murder. A man named Jay has told police numerous versions of the same story about Adnan killing Hae, but because the story changes all the time, I think it’s a lie. Maybe he’ the one who killed her, but then why would he get involved at all? Why not just say he didn’t know anything? Surely he could come up with some sort of alibi, and if he really didn’t ill Hae, and he’s lying about his story like I think he is, then he should have a real alibi anyway. It’s all so convoluted and crazy, you never know who or what to believe or if you should believe anyone at all. Clearly someone is lying, but as for who that is, I cannot say. All I know is that Adnan probably did not kill Hae, but I still think he had a part in her murder.



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