Most of us groan when we get that assignment to write yet another essay or read a few more books that maybe aren’t our style. I know I do, and I love English! The thing is, it simply isn’t tailored to each individual’s interests. It forces you outside your usual comfort zone of science fiction and journal writing to essays and poetry and classic novels. And let’s not forget those “short stories” that are 36 pages long – on your exam. The truth is, English isn’t about fitting individual people’s molds, it’s about expanding and finding a new perspective on life.

I know a lot of students wish they weren’t required to take grade 12 University English just to be considered for admission to university, but let’s be real here – we all need it. It may be a pain in the butt when you have to stay up until 2am writing that essay or finishing novel number five, but it really is helpful for when you get to university.

For example, reading books from different genres allows you to see the world through so many different eyes and exposes you to styles of writing that maybe you aren’t used to reading but will likely encounter in university. And all that reading, writing, and presenting we’re required to do? Yeah, a lot of the time it’s nerve wracking or stressful or downright boring. But think about it. Once you enter university (and maybe even sooner) you will start to have to deal with people in more professional tones. That is were all the reading, writing, and presenting comes in – it’s all a foundation so when we enter the realm of adulthood we can communicate effectively, confidently, and with understanding. It is Grade 12 University English that teaches us how to analyze, how to interpret, how to understand the world around us, all skills which are essential to be able to survive university.

I suppose that is why university requires Grade 12 University English of its applicants; they aren’t trying to make us suffer, but rather they are attempting to train us for success.

I guess we really do need Grade 12 University English.